Multistage Centrifugal Blowers & Exhausters

As a result for our constant concern to improve our performance and by investing a large part of our resources in research, we have adapted and modernized our plant to meet a wider variety of demands. Our machining area is now operated by computerized digital control.

Thanks to this modernization, we have better control over production, and can now ensure our customers even greater flexibility and even shorter delivery times. In addition, spare parts and accessories can be dispatched within 24 hours.

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Depending on the model, the inlet and outlet heads and intermediate sections are made of either cast iron or aluminium. In order to suit the pressure requirements, it is possible to vary the number of stages with a maximum of 10 on the small machines and 7 on the larger ones. The heads and intermediate sections are spotted to each other and clamped together by steel tie-rods. The inlet and outlet connections are normally mounted vertically, but if required may be oriented differently. Sealing between the components is ensured by the use of a compound sealant or, in certain cases, by ”O” rings. 



Impeller Assembly

The impellers are cast in treated aluminium alloy, and for certain applications are fabricated by riveting. All impellers are statically balanced, then keyed to a ground carbon steel shaft. The complete rotor assembly is then dynamically balanced so as to ensure a minimum vibration amplitude of 30 MIC when running. Different types of impeller are available, ie radial or curved, which enables us to meet a wider variety of duties.




Bearing Housings

The bearings are mounted in independent cast iron housings. These housings are securely bolted to the inlet and outlet heads, and allow easy access for routine maintenance. The bearings are the only running contacts between the shaft and casing. Sealing of the housing is by graphitized straps, or on the larger machines by segmented carbon rings, which are held together by a stainless steel spring. Leakage is thus reduced to a minimum with this type of seal. In the case of aggressive gases, sealing is by the use of double mechanical seals. The bearings are lubricated either using grease for machines up to 5000 m3/h or by oil replenishment by a constant level oiler for the larger machines.




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New high efficiency generation machines of a dry, clean and non pulsing air / gas.

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New high efficiency generation machines of a dry, clean and non pulsing air / gas.

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New high efficiency generation machines of a dry, clean and non pulsing air / gas.