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Carbon Black Projects

Site: Germany 2 Blowers type 051 Flow: 1.900 m3/h Pressure: 1,4 mH2O Motor: 22 kW
Site: Thailand 2 Blowers type 600 Flow: 40.982 m3/h Pressure: 6.6 mH2O Motor: 900 kW
Site: Colombia 1 Blower type 600 Flow: 16.600 m3/h  Pressure:7 mH2O Motor: 475 kW
Site: Italy 1 Blowers type 600 Flow: 24.866 m3/h Pressure: 4.2 mH2O Motor: 355 kW
Site: India 3 Blowers type 600 Flow: 35.000 m3/h Pressure: 8,2 mH2O Motor: 999 kW
Site: India 2 Blowers type 600 Flow: 32.000 m3/h Pressure: 6,6 mH2O Motor: 1.000 kW
Site: China 2 Blowers type 400 Flow: 15.000 m3/h Pressure: 6,9 mH2O Motor: 450 kW
Site: Venezuela 2 Blowers type 151 Flow: 9.300 m3/h Pressure: 8 mH2O Motor: 300 kW
Site: Brazil 2 Blowers type 600 Flow: 22.916 m3/h Pressure: 8,2 mH2O Motor: 720 kW
Site: India 2 Blowers type 600 Flow: 20.000 m3/h  Pressure: 5 mH2O Motor: 500 kW
Site: Iran 3 Blowers type 600 Flow: 17.500 m3/h Pressure: 6,8 mH2O Motor: 630 kW
Site: USA. 3 Blowers type 600 Flow: 17.000 m3/h Pressure: 8,5 mH2O Motor: 200 kW
Site: Mexico 4 Blowers type 600 Flow: 36.600 m3/h Pressure: 8,7 mH2O Motor: 570 kW
Site: India 2 Blowers type 600 Flow: 17.000 m3/h Pressure: 8,5 mH2O Motor: 560 kW 
Site: Venezuela 1 Blowers type 600 Flow: 28.233 m3/h Pressure: 9,2 mH2O Motor: 1.000 kW

In black smoke is produced from a substance based on petroleum oil. This substance is introduced into a specially adapted combustion chamber and heated to approximately 950 ° C. This process produces gas and black smoke dust.

These pass through several filters that extract the dust. Water is added to this resulting powder to obtain larger granules, which will be dried and processed. This resulting black powder is used in a wide variety of products, such as the manufacture of tires and print cartridges. Our Compressors are used to supply air to the burners of the combustion chamber. The simplicity and mechanical reliability of our equipment added to its excellent performance curve make them ideal for this application.

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Continental Industrie has developed an experienced and dynamic team and has created a working structure in conjunction with all the engineers, technicians and commercial engineers. With the sole objective of providing the Industrial sector with the best equipment for the transport of gas and air.

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