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Dewatering Projects

Site: France 1 Exhauster type 151 Flow: 4.700 m3/h Pressure: 3,5 mH2O Motor: 110 kW
Site: China 1 Exhauster type 008 Flow: 440 m3/h Pressure: 4 mH2O Motor: 15 kW
Site: Morocco 1 Exhauster type 008 Flow: 500 m3/h  Pressure: 3,5 mH2O Motor: 15 kW
Site: USA 1 Exhauster type 008 Flow: 350 m3/h Pressure: 9 mH2O Motor: 8 kW
Site: Brazil 2 Exhausters type 151 Flow: 9.500 m3/h Pressure: 75 mH2O Motor: 75 kW
Site: France 2 Exhausters type 008 Flow: 240 m3/h Pressure: 0,5 mH2O Motor: 7,5 kW
Site: Netherlands 2 Exhausters type 008 Flow: 450 m3/h Pressure: 4 mH2O Motor: 15 kW
Site: Belgium 1 Exhausters type 008 Flow: 500 m3/h Pressure: 3 mH2O Motor: 11 kW
Site: France 2 Exhausters type 008 Flow: 250 m3/h Pressure: 5,2 mH2O Motor: 11 kW
Site: Canada 1 Exhauster type 008 Flow: 272 m3/h  Pressure: 1,4 mH2O Motor: 8 kW
Site: USA 1 Exhausters type 077 Flow: 4.757 m3/h Pressure: 4,9 mH2O Motor: 110 kW
Site: China 4 Exhausters type 051 Flow: 450 m3/h Pressure: 4 mH2O Motor: 30 kW
Site: Belgium 2 Exhausters type 077 Flow: 4.340 m3/h Pressure: 5 mH2O Motor: 120 kW
Site: Spain 1 Exhauster type 031 Flow: 1.529 m3/h Pressure: 4,9 mH2O Motor: 45 kW 
Site: Italy 1 Exhauster type 008 Flow: 450 m3/h Pressure: 4 mH2O Motor: 15 kW

Drainage or drainage work are terms used to describe the action of removing ground or surface water. The liquid slurry is pumped to a press filter through the collector located in the stationary head. As the sludge fills each chamber of the press, the liquid passes through the filter cloth and the drainage field.

The main function of the filter media is to provide a support framework for the development of the filter cake. During the process, the larger particles of mud begin to gradually close the filter openings, reducing the size of these. The smaller particles will close these openings completely allowing to form the filter cake. Our Multistage Centrifugal Compressors provide the necessary pressure to push the sludge into the filtration system.

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Continental Industrie has developed an experienced and dynamic team and has created a working structure in conjunction with all the engineers, technicians and commercial engineers. With the sole objective of providing the Industrial sector with the best equipment for the transport of gas and air.

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