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Performance Multistage Centrifugal Compressor

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers

CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIE centrifugal blowers and exhausters are rotating machines used to increase the pressure of a gas, ambient air or gas mixture, by means of the centrifugal force transmitted by an electric motor.The performances are linked to the following characteristics: flow, differential pressure and power consumption. One of the main advantage is the lack of internal friction between the rotor and the body, as the shaft has only two contact points; the bearings. For this reason the expected lifetime of the machine can reach 40 years. The performances of the machine can be affected by external factors as, for instance, the deposit accumulation in the filter intake This problem can be avoided by following the correct maintenance instruction. Also the performance varies in accordance to the variation of the molecular weight of the gas treated, due for example to the temperature variation or the pressure at the machine intake.



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Continental Industrie has developed an experienced and dynamic team and has created a working structure in conjunction with all the engineers, technicians and commercial engineers. With the sole objective of providing the Industrial sector with the best equipment for the transport of gas and air.

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