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Multistage Centrifugal Compressor Test

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers & Exhausters

CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIE presents a new high efficiency generation of between 100 and 50,000 m3/hr of a dry, clean, non pulsing air with pressures of up 1,2 bar and vacuums of up to 5500 mm H2O (WG). 

The extremely simple design of our machines guarantees maximum reliability, which is absolutely necessary in all fields of industry in which production depends on the distribution of clean and dry air at a constant pressure.

Cast aluminium parts, precision machining to fine tolerances and the absence of mechanical and wearing parts in contact enable our machines to operate smoothly, practically free of vibration, and with a very low sound level meeting European and American standards. 


Three years of research in association with the National Sciences Institute of Lyon have enabled us to develop a fix test laboratory meeting the latest ASME PTC 10 standards requirements. In this ultra-modern laboratory covering over 1000 m2, the information gathered is interprated and optimised by a specially designed computerised data bank. 

The various parameters : air flow, pressure, air speed, soud level, temperature, vibrations amplitude and propagation, surge are direct dealt with by computer. These parameters evaluate the spontaneous performances of the equipment and update the real working site conditions.The use of certified motors enables us to issue accurate certificates to our customers and upon request,the performance curves of their machine.

Mechanical Test

All our equipment is submitted to a standard 8 hours rotational mechanical test in order to detect any housing heating, vibration or anomaly before shipment.


Upon request our engineers can produce all additional test certificates:
Vibration test report
Certificate of material compliance
Dynamic balancing report
Hydraulic test report
Coupling alignment report
Impeller penetration dye test report
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Continental Industrie has developed an experienced and dynamic team and has created a working structure in conjunction with all the engineers, technicians and commercial engineers. With the sole objective of providing the Industrial sector with the best equipment for the transport of gas and air.

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