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Model TCB-06

Product info

  • Compressor Type: Integrally geared single stage compressor
  • Control System: I – Inlet Guide Vanes, O – Variable Diffuser Vanes, CC – Combined Control (IGV + VDV)
  • Medium: Air
  • Frame family: TCB06
  • Gear Box: Vertical Split, Single helical gears, Ball bearings, Forced lubrication

Material specification

  • Volute Casing: Cast iron EN GJL-250
  • Casing Impeller: Cast iron EN GJL-250
  • Vanes: Aluminium alloy (2618A) or stainless steel 
  • Base Frame: Structural Steel

  • Fast Shaft: High tensile 18CrNiMo7
  • Drive Shaft: High tensile 34CrNiMo6
  • Bearings: High precision ceramic angular ball bearings
  • Coupling: Flexible compact type
  • GearWheels: High tensile 18CrNiMo7


  • Inlet Filter/Silencer: 95% filtration as per Filter Class, EU G4 & baffle type silencer
  • IGV/VDV Actuation: Electric linear actuator
  • Expansion Joint: DN400/200 steel flanges with Stainless Steel or EPDM Bellows
  • Cone Diffuser: Inlet DN250 – Oulet DN400/500
  • Blow-off-valve: DN 125/150, Electric actuated
  • Check valve: DN400/500, dual flap wafer type
  • Oil for Gearbox: Approx 280 liters (ISO VG68/46)
  • Lube oil cooling: Air or external liquid to oil
  • Cooling Fan: IP55 50/60Hz

Compressor Drive

  • Drive: Electrical-motor, 2 Pole
  • Motor Voltage: Low-medium – high voltage
  • Input frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Motor speed: 3000 rpm or 3600 rpm
  • Protection class: IP55

Standar Quality

  • Test Procedure:  ISO 5389 & ASME PTC10
  • Mechanical Test: Internal Standard
  • Quality: ISO 9001:2015
  • In Option: API 617/672
For special requirements of low sound level we apply inlet, outlet and blow-off silencers and make then special sound absorbing enclosure.

Main Parts

  1. Inlet Filter/Silencer
  2. Compressor
  3. Compensator
  4. Cone Diffuser/Silencer
       5. Base Frame
       6. LCP Panel
       7. Air Cooled (Watercooled in option)
       8. Compressor Drive

Performance data

  • Flow Regulation: See Performance chart
  • Flow Range: 100% - 45% of rated flow with Combined control 
  • Pressure Range: 0.4 to 1.2 bar (g)
  • Power Range: 110 – 450 kW
  • Discharge Velocity: Below 20m/s after Cone
  • Vibration Level: Max. 4.5mm/s per ISO 20816
  • Noise Level: 91-95 db(A) Without enclosure, 76-78 db(A) With enclosure


  • Human Interface: Siemens KTP700 Basic 7”
  • Option-1: Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 6”
  • PLC: Siemens ET200 SP CPU
  • Option-2: Allen Bradley Compac Logixs
  • In option: X,Y,Z Vibration Detector (Bently Nevada)
  • Instrumentation: Air Pressure transmitter 4-20mA, Air Temperature transmitter 4-20mA, Oil Temperature Switch and oil tank, Bearing Temperature RTD, Oil Pressure Switch, Low Oil Level Switch, Vibration Transmitter 4-20mA, Surge Switch
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