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Single Stage Turbocompresor

Singlestage Turbo Compresor

The Continental Industrie TC type radial turbo compressors are modern flow machines for compression of large quantities of air or gas from 1,500 to 60,000 m³/h with pressure up to 2.5 bar g.

Thanks to the minimization of the parts in contact and continuous control of working parameters, our compressors have high reliability during operation. The application of new techniques coming from spatial technology machining of the impeller blades ensures high compression efficiency (over 85%) and high general efficiency.

The turbo compressor is a monolithic unit consisting of the centrifugal turbo compressor, transmission unit, main drive electric motor, frame, oil installation and control cabinet.

Body of the Blower

The body of the compressor is made of cast iron. The complete housing and volute shape has been designed on the basis of many years of experience. This design allows us to attain high compression efficiency and a low sound level. At the request of the client, we can adapt the outlet direction to individual requirements.

A wide operating range is ensured by a special impeller design optimized to the operating requirements, a high-efficiency transmission and a control system. Step-less capacity control between 45% and 100% at a constant rotational speed of the impeller. During operation, the capacity is controlled automatically by turning the inlet guide vanes and the variable diffuser vanes on the outlet.

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The impeller is made of aluminum alloy, it' s a radial type with deflected blades. Back-steep angle of the blade allow to attain high polytropic efficiency (> 85%).
It' s machined on 5-axis milling machine for three dimensional space machining of the blades. All rotating parts (impeller, impeller shaft, seal and thrust bearing disk) are high grade dynamically balanced.

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Labyrinth Seal

Labyrinth seal on the impeller's shaft effectively separates air space (impeller side) from oiled space (gears). In applications that require the compression of dangerous gases we design an air-tight solution with inert gas. We can adapt the seal to the individual requirements of the client.
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Continental Industrie has developed an experienced and dynamic team and has created a working structure in conjunction with all the engineers, technicians and commercial engineers. With the sole objective of providing the Industrial sector with the best equipment for the transport of gas and air.

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