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Projects Fluidization

Projects Fluidization TABLE

Site: China 4 Blowers type 500 Flow: 2.200 m3/h Pressure: 8,5 mH2O Motor: 250 kW
Site: USA 10 Blowers type 700 Flow: 31.000 m3/h Pressure: 7,2 mH2O Motor: 700 kW
Site: India 2 Blowers type 151 Flow: 8.300 m3/h  Pressure: 4,2 mH2O Motor: 275 kW
Site: Saudi Arabia 8 Blowers type 600 Flow: 22.500 m3/h Pressure: 8 mH2O Motor: 800 kW
Site: Poland 2 Blowers type 151 Flow: 8.200 m3/h Pressure: 4,5 mH2O Motor: 160 kW
Site: USA 4 Blowers type 077 Flow: 5.600 m3/h Pressure: 6,5 mH2O Motor: 200 kW
Site: Mexico 2 Blowers type 600 Flow: 37.130 m3/h Pressure: 9 mH2O Motor: 1.200 kW
Site: United Kingdom 1 Blowers type 400 Flow: 12.000 m3/h Pressure: 4 mH2O Motor: 200 kW
Site: Abu Dhabi 2 Blowers type 151 Flow: 8.008 m3/h Pressure: 6 mH2O Motor: 300 kW
Site: South Korea 3 Blowers type 600 Flow: 13.144 m3/h  Pressure: 6,8 mH2O Motor: 400 kW
Site: Saudi Arabia 10 Blowers type 600 Flow: 22.800 m3/h Pressure: 9,8 mH2O Motor: 1.000 kW
Site: UAE 9 Blowers type 077 Flow: 5.000 m3/h Pressure: 7 mH2O Motor: 200 kW
Site: Mexico 4 Blowers type 600 Flow: 36.600 m3/h Pressure: 8,7 mH2O Motor: 1.000 kW
Site: Panama 2 Blowers type 151 Flow: 10.735 m3/h Pressure: 6,4 mH2O Motor: 300 kW 
Site: Spain 3 Blowers type 077 Flow: 8.600 m3/h Pressure: 7,4 mH2O Motor: 315 kW

Furnaces with fluidization beds are often used to incinerate waste or sludge from wastewater treatment plants. The principle of fluidized bed combustion is to "heat" a bed of sand and put the sand particles in suspension by a system of air injection nozzles. The combustible material is introduced into the bed where the high temperature of the sand ignites the material, the active movement of the particles of fluidized sand, completes the incineration of the combustible materials.

The Multistage Centrifugal Compressor supplies the air that fluidizes the sand bed. This air is also used for the supply of oxygen necessary for the combustion of waste products. The performance curve of our Compressor covers a wide range allowing a variable flow rate that can be adjusted depending on the amount of waste to be incinerated. Our Compressors are also used to supply air to the burner used to heat the sand bed.

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