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Steam Handling Projects

Site: Spain 1 Exhauster type 020 Flow: 1.200 m3/h Pressure: 3 mH2O Motor: 30 kW
Site: Saudi Arabia 1 Exhauster type 031 Flow: 1.680 m3/h Pressure: 4 mH2O Motor: 45 kW
Site: France 1 Exhauster type 031 Flow: 1.800 m3/h  Pressure: 1,5 mH2O Motor: 37 kW
Site: United Kingdom 1 Exhauster type 051 Flow: 2.700 m3/h Pressure: 2 mH2O Motor: 30 kW
Site: USA 1 Exhauster type 020 Flow: 750 m3/h Pressure: 0,5 mH2O Motor: 37 kW
Site: Netherlands 1 Exhauster type 031 Flow: 1.173 m3/h Pressure: 3,2 mH2O Motor: 22 kW
Site: United Kingdom 5 Exhauster type 051 Flow: 3.073 m3/h Pressure: 2,8 mH2O Motor: 55 kW
Site: Germany 2 Exhauster type 151 Flow: 7.000 m3/h Pressure: 10,5 mH2O Motor: 250 kW
Site: Swissland 1 Exhauster type 030 Flow: 1.200 m3/h Pressure: 5 mH2O Motor: 30 kW
Site: Netherlands 1 Exhauster type 051 Flow: 2.411 m3/h  Pressure: 2,8 mH2O Motor: 37 kW
Site: Malaysia 1 Exhauster type 020 Flow: 1.200 m3/h Pressure: 2,4 mH2O Motor: 22 kW
Site: France 1 Exhauster type 008 Flow: 700 m3/h Pressure: 2,2 mH2O Motor: 11 kW
Site: Germany 1 Exhauster type 031 Flow: 1.588 m3/h Pressure: 4,5mH2O Motor: 37 kW
Site: Netherlands 1 Exhauster type 051 Flow: 2.300 m3/h Pressure: 4,2 mH2O Motor: 37 kW 
Site: USA 1 Exhauster type 051 Flow: 3.600 m3/h Pressure: 3,3 mH2O Motor: 55 kW

Steam is the gas formed when water passes from the liquid to the gaseous state. At the molecular level, this is when H2O molecules manage to break free from the bonds keeping them together.

Our blowers are used for these vacuum cleaners ironing facilities, these vacuum cleaners are used to create a vacuum network that connects to the presses used to create a vacuum in the presses, remove humidity and dry the clothes ironed for optimal finish. In function of the number of presses, you select a vacuum that gives enough flow to create the vacuum necessary and maintain a regular vacuum entire line of presses.

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Continental Industrie has developed an experienced and dynamic team and has created a working structure in conjunction with all the engineers, technicians and commercial engineers. With the sole objective of providing the Industrial sector with the best equipment for the transport of gas and air.

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