Precise Design

Our factory is strategically located just 30 kilometers from Lyon, right in the heart of Europe. Throughout the years, Continental Industrie has assembled a dynamic and seasoned team, forming a human structure consisting of engineers, technicians, and sales professionals, all with a singular goal: to provide the industry with top-notch equipment for the transportation of air and/or gas.

In recent years, our engineering center, collaborating with two specialized French research centers in fluid mechanics, has fine-tuned the efficiency of our machines, presenting a new generation of blowers and vacuum pumps.

As a result, Continental Industrie can offer a comprehensive range of machines capable of supplying from 100 to 55,000 m3/hr of dry, clean, and pulsation-free air, reaching relative pressures of up to 1.8 bars or vacuum pressures of up to 6,700 mmH2O (WG).

The remarkably simple design of our machines ensures maximum safety, a critical factor in all industrial sectors where production relies on the distribution of dry, clean air at a constant pressure. The cast aluminum parts, high-precision manufacturing and tolerances, and the absence of contact-wear mechanical parts contribute to the machines operating in extremely safe conditions—virtually without vibrations and with an exceptionally low noise level, in compliance with European and American regulations.

Design Features

Body: The support is crafted from cast aluminum or iron, securely sealed with steel bars. Standard sections feature internal or external drains.
Shaft: Crafted from polished carbon steel or stainless steel for corrosive applications.
Impellers: Molded or fabricated from high-strength aluminum, available with radial or backward-curved blade configurations.
Bearings: Externally mounted, lubricated with grease or oil, and designed for a minimum life of 10 years. Optional water-cooled bearings are available.
Gaskets: Carbon or graphite rings, single for air and double for gas, with an option for purge function.
Reflector rings: Designed to enhance airflow in the center of the impeller, improving overall performance.
Balance piston: Engineered to absorb up to 75% of the axial thrust load in blowers operating under high-pressure flows and ratios.
Bearing Body: The cast iron housing includes labyrinth sealing to protect lubricant from contamination.
Cooling Fans: Models 77 and above incorporate cast aluminum cooling fans to enhance heat dissipation.