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Single Stage Turbo Compressor

CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIE TC series radial blowers are modern machines designed to compress large volumes of air/gas at low compression levels. With minimized contact parts and continuous control of blower parameters, they ensure high reliability. Achieving more than 80% – 85% efficiency at the optimal working point and 87% polytropic efficiency, they demonstrate a high overall efficiency. This is attributed to advanced three-dimensional blade construction technologies used in the impeller.


After three years of collaborative research with the National Institute of Sciences of Lyon, we’ve established an on-site test bench in accordance with the latest ASME PTC 10 regulations. This state-of-the-art laboratory spans over 1,000 m2, where collected data is interpreted and optimized through a dedicated computer database.

Various parameters such as flow, pressure, air speed, sound level, temperature, vibration amplitude, and propagation are directly processed using our computer program. These parameters enable us to assess the performance of our equipment under real usage conditions. We utilize engines from renowned brands, ensuring precise certificates and performance curves for each machine are provided to our clients.

Mechanical Test

To identify any anomalies before shipping, all machines undergo a mechanical test. This involves running the machine for 8 hours, carefully monitoring body heating and vibrations.


At the customer’s request, our engineers can perform any of the following tests:

  1. Certificate of the result of the vibration test.
  2. Certificate of materials.
  3. Dynamic balance certificate.
  4. Hydrostatic test certificate.
  5. Coupling alignment certificate.
  6. Liquid penetration test certificate.