Single-Stage Centrifugal Compressor

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Single-Stage Centrifugal Compressor

CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIE radial blowers of the TC series are modern machines designed for the compression of large quantities of air/gas ranging from 1,500 – 60,000 m³/h with pressures of up to 2.5 bar g. Thanks to the minimization of the parts in contact and the continuous control of the working parameters of the blowers, they offer high reliability in their operation.

Applications of new technologies for spatial machining of impeller blades result in high compression efficiency (more than 85%) and high overall performance.

This Single Stage is a compact unit composed of the centrifugal compressor, the transmission unit, the main electric motor, the lubrication system and the control panel. The main motor is connected to the transmission unit through the flexible coupling. The compressor is equipped as standard with a microprocessor control system that guarantees control of all work cycles.

Compressor Body

The Compressor body is made of cast iron. The shape of the collector has been designed over the years in collaboration with the mechanical fluidization department of the Technological University. This design allows for high compression efficiency and low noise level. At the client’s request we can adapt the departure address according to their needs.


The turbine is made of cast aluminum alloy. It is a radial impeller with deflecting blades, with a deflection angle of the blades, increasing the polytropic efficiency by approximately 85%. Blade spacing is developed with a 5-axis milling machine for three-dimensional machining. Thanks to this complex shape of the blades, the highest efficiency is achieved. All parts subject to bearing (turbine, impeller shaft, sealing gasket and axial bearing) are dynamically balanced. In the same way as the drive shaft (shaft, drive bearing, coupling).

Sealing Labyrinth

The impeller shaft sealing labyrinth effectively separates the air space (impeller side) from the lubrication space (gear). In applications requiring the compression of hazardous gases we apply a hermetic regulatory gas seal. We can adapt the type of sealing according to the client’s needs.