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Single-stage Centrifugal Compressor

The most significant technical change in Turbo Compressor technology during the last decade has been to combine the 2 existing regulation systems on the market. One is based on the regulation of the flow through the diffuser blades and the other is based on the regulation of the pressure through the diffuser blades at the inlet.

Several studies confirm that the use of this combination greatly increases efficiency when the compressor’s working point changes due to flow, inlet temperature and pressure. The inlet blade guides maintain a constant laminar flow through the optimal angle, avoiding turbulence at the inlet.

In general, most compressors are designed to reach the duty point without taking into account the effectiveness and efficiency lost when it is not located at the same intended design point. It has been shown that even high turbulence in the center of the impeller, when the inlet air has less density at high temperature, has a great influence on the efficiency of the Compressor.

This lost efficiency can be between 7 and 12% in reference to the design point. Consequently, it is of great importance to achieve the highest efficiency above the design point, achieving the highest performance when the Compressor is in a flow change as well as changes caused by atmospheric conditions such as temperature, pressure or relative humidity. .

This is the reason why Continental Industrie equips Turbochargers with this combination of blades and guides to guarantee maximum performance compared to other manufacturers with a single type of design in their diffusion blades, which is cheaper.