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Concord / FGV Adela Biogas Plant

We are pleased to share a video of the Concord / FGV Adela Biogas Plant in Kota Tinggi, Johor for our submission to National Energy Awards 2021 organised by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA).

The plant has an export capacity of 1.5MW and 93% uptime in 2020.

It also adopts unique sustainable design features such as repurposed container office, solar PV panels, rainwater harvesting and a greenhouse farm.

In 2020, our Concord / FGV Lepar Hilir Biogas Plant in Pahang won the National Energy Awards 2020 for the Category: Renewable Energy (On Grid; National Grid).

Selection of the appropriate blower is determined by such factors as the quantity and end use of the LFG, the vacuum required to extract the gas, the pressure required for processing, etc. The main types of blowers used for LFG applications include single and multi-stage centrifugal blowers: I.E. constant vacuum/pressure, variable gas volume machines, incorpating a butterfly valve at the unit inlet.

Biogas and the environment.

There is a significant quantity of unused organics (animal waste) in rural areas. The organics can produce large quantities of methane gas and present technology may be utilized and adapted to local conditions.

Bio-digester design and output expectations must be tailored to the rosources, climatic conditions and builiding materials available. To minimize capital cost for equipment, it is important to ensure that the digester is appropriately designed.

Anaerobic digestion also occurs in ponds, marshes and manure pits where there is an abundance of rotting organic materials. Bubbles are often seen coming up to the surface and upon combustion of the bubbles (filled with methane), a violet blue, smokeless and odourless flame is observed. Methane is about 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide ( CO2).

Requirements for a successful system

  • Keep the digester away from naked flames and electrical equipment than may spark.
  • Buildings should be well ventilated.
  • Explosion proof motors, wiring and lights should be used.
  • Perform periodic system checks for gas leaks.
  • Follow Bunsen burner safety rules when testing the gas with a flame.
  • Utilize gas detection and alarm devices in enclosures.
  • Do not divet the effluent from the unit directly into lakes or streams.

Safety precautions

Safety concerns related to biogas generation include health hazards and risks of fire or explosion. Biogas is flammable and can be explosive when mixed with air.

  • Acceptance by potencial users.
  • Ability to use the gas when produced.
  • Sufficient demand for gas.
  • Availability of sufficient raw materials to meet the production requirements.
  • Adequate maintenance and operational control.




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